Get The Right Bus To Meet Your Church’s Needs

When you think of your church’s upcoming trip, are you excited for the journey or filled with worry? Transportation is an important part of your ministry, but if your vehicle doesn’t suit the specific needs of your congregation, getting from point A to B can be a hassle. It’s time to change that. From supporting youth ministry to helping seniors stay active, travel is a powerful catalyst for relationship-building and a means by which you maximize your impact.

Here are a few things to consider before making your next church bus purchase:

Your Drivers

What are their CDL constraints? Large buses require a commercial driver’s license, which may be a barrier for some congregations. A 14-passenger bus is a great fit for many churches because any driver of your choosing with a standard license can be in the driver’s seat.

Your Passengers

Step one is determining capacity needs. Our most popular church bus has options for 14, 20, or 25 passengers. Step two is asking yourself what their needs are. Do you need wheelchair access, seatbelts, or other safety features dependent on the age and ability of your groups?

Baggage Needs

Overnight trips require rear or side luggage storage. If no extended trips are in your plans, it’s still wise to consider solutions that may make short trips more comfortable, such as overhead storage for purses and backpacks.

Long-Term Goals

The right bus can help you achieve those big goals your church has been talking and praying about. Consider not just where you’re going today, but where you want to be going in the next several years before making this long-term investment.

Spreading Your Mission

Branding your bus helps raise awareness of your church throughout the community. Custom colors, graphics, and logos also speak to the heart and quality of your mission. If you’ve been renting or driving a basic white vehicle, this could be an opportunity to spread the word.

Paying for Your Bus

Whether you’re looking to buy a bus outright, lease a new bus, or planning to finance, it’s important to know your options. There are many different ways to enhance your transportation while being mindful of your budget.

Staying Up and Running

Regular service helps maximize your investment. Having a trusted, local resource for service and parts makes owning a bus more feasible for churches. The team at Carolina Thomas even offers mobile service for some repairs.

Ready to Find the Right Bus for Your Church?

At Carolina Thomas, we partner with reliable and trusted brands like Elkhart Coach. We’ve worked with numerous churches – all with unique needs – to find dependable, comfortable, and safe travel solutions. If you’re ready to find the perfect bus for your church, search our inventory or give us a call at 800-440-3492.